Elementor recently launched the ‘Hello’ theme in the WordPress repo.
It is a WordPress starter theme, claiming to be a lightweight, minimalistic blank theme, with no styling at all, except for basic browser compatibility styling (AKA reset.css).

According to Elementor, it is the fastest theme ever launched in WordPress repo, hence, I decided to test the theme, against the fastest theme I know, ‘Astra‘.


Initial Styling and Design

I installed and activated both the themes on fresh WordPress installations, locally. And tested both of them for initial styling and design of the Home Page. Here’s how they look, when you just activate the themes on fresh WordPress installations.

Hello by Elementor:



I tested them on my favorite site speed analyzer, GTMetrix for loading time and other performance parameters. And here are the results I got:

Hello by Elementor:


According to the results above, Hello is clearly faster than Astra when it comes to Total Page Size and No. of requests, however, for the no. of customization options available and the initial styling of the fresh installation, Astra is way better than Hello! It provides a large no. of customization options and better initial styling, for a very small difference of Total Page size and no. of requests. If we consider the options available and page size, Astra is better than Hello, because Hello basically give you nothing, due to less page size and less no. of requests.

Designing and Blogging

According to Elementor, Hello needs Elementor Page Builder and Theme Builder to created beautiful designs. But Astra, on the other hand, is more reliable when it comes to design and blogging, using only Gutenberg that comes with WordPress now. Here. Astra beats Hello in being self-sufficient.

There are very fewer customization options available in Hello. It has Site Identity, but no SVG Logo support neither Retina Logo Support. It has Menus, but no transparent Menu Support and the Navigation looks weird, and just like an unordered list. Apart from this, it has only Additional CSS option. And that’s it!

Astra has Layout, Identity, Transparent Header, Colors and Backgrounds, Typography, Buttons, Menus, Widgets and Additional CSS, which is pretty much everything you need to design a beautiful website.


Hello is new to the WordPress Industry and has a long way to go to be a self-sufficient and beautiful WordPress theme. With the lack of options available, it still needs to improve itself to be counted in the popular themes on WordPress repo. With a few more essential customization options and settings, Hello can also be a popular theme, but we need to wait till Elementor has a next release planned. Till then, I am happy with what I am using now!

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