Have you ever been wondering about – How you can improve your website performance? How you can load pages faster? How you can save your visitors’ time? I’m sure you have. What if I told you, that you can achieve this without having to take a lot of effort? Wouldn’t that be nice?


Even I wondered how I can do this without having to go through a lot of code changes, page optimization and all those time taking tasks, which may not give guaranteed results quickly. And then one day while working on a clients’ website, I came across a FREE plugin named Flying Pages. Well, literally!

This plugin works like a miracle. Just install the plugin, and activate it. It starts doing its magic, right away!

What this plugin essentially does, is that it silently preloads links on your webpage as soon as you land on any page. It finds out all the links in the current viewport and adds them all into a queue. These links in the queue are processed by a limit of 3 requests per second (by default). This prevents sending a huge number of requests to the server in an instant. It also preloads links as soon as you mouse-hover them, if not preloaded yet in the queue. So basically it makes sure that each and every link in the viewport is preloaded so as to improve load times and ultimately your reader’s navigation experience.

In a way, it also increases server load, but it is also very intelligent to stop preloading the pages if the server is busy. You can also configure Flying Pages to limit the number of preloads per second or preload only on mouse hover, which gives you complete control on the behavior of the plugin.

The Author of this plugin is Gijo Varghese. He has done Quicklink vs Instant.page vs Flying Pages comparison. And the results are truly amazing. Check for yourself:

Isn’t that amazing!! I absolutely love this plugin. I recommend every Designer or Developer to give it a try and if you like it, please give the Plugin Author a compliment.

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