Hello World! Yes, because this is literally the first blog post that I am writing. Being unsure about where to start, this is what I thought would be good to start with.

Hi, I am Harshad, a Web – UI – UX designer, currently based in Pune, India. With knowledge of a wide range of design disciplines and core interest in web – mobile design methods, I have helped people achieve their business goals through modern and concrete visual solutions. Software Engineer by qualification, designer by profession, and a traveler by heart, I am living on this planet since Apr’1990!

First, my career.

After engineering, I did an internship as an Intern UI Designer with a UK based Software Company. Since then I have been working on Web UI and UX. I started working as a full-time UI-UX Designer with the same UK based company, and there I learned a lot more about UI-UX, Personas, Use-cases, and layouts in details. Then I switched to another company, that worked on Healthcare IT Systems, and I learned a lot about handling large software and application ecosystems. After that I moved to Pune, India; to explore new horizons of my creativity and imagination. Currently, I am working with Brainstorm Force, the team behind amazing WordPress products like Astra Theme, Ultimate Addons, Convert Pro and many more.

Second, Travel Love.

Apart from designing Web, Applications, and UI, I am a traveler by heart. I like to travel a lot. Exploring places, experiencing local cuisine, and getting an insight into daily life is my favorite thing to do when I hit the roads. I am more of a Beach person and like to meet people living in coastal areas. I meet them, sit and eat with them, learn their cuisine, and try it in my kitchen. That’s how life works for me!

Now about this blog.

Being an Engineer by qualification and a designer by profession, I am all into design and development. I love web designing and hence I chose it as my career. I also like sharing my knowledge with people and helping them achieve their goals, so I write a lot on Quora and answer the questions by fellow Quorans. I needed my own platform to share knowledge and therefore, I have created this blog, where I will be regularly posting about Design, Typography, Layouts, Latest Trends, Marketing, Sales Funnels, WordPress, and a lot of stuff regarding Website Design and Development. Hope you enjoy the posts and find them useful to get expected results.

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